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  Sopurkh Shabad

Connecting with the Divine Masculine

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Sopurkh Shabad

by Guru Ram Das


6 class series with Self Paced videos to 

journey at your own pace

"One who masters this shabad can command God to appear before them as you would call someone to appear in your presence"

~ Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan

Videos were recorded during a live course held online in February & March 2017

Heal your relationships and inspire divinity in yourself and others

through the practice of Sopurkh


This shabad focuses on building the vastness and stability of creation through focusing on the Purkha: the Masculine Quality of God.  It builds the energy of Divine Masculine.

For Women, this shabad provides an opportunity to build this energy in yourself, and/or to focus on holding the energy for a partner or any man in your life.  It is commonly used to attract a partner, or heal marital problems, or done for a son.


For Men, it is an opportunity to build this quality in yourself, to become a Man of God.


The Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan said that women have three opportunities to become a saint: they can be one themselves, give birth to a saint, or make their husband a saint.  Men have only one: to become a saint.  


Therefore this shabad allows many ways, through yourself, or for another, to build the stability and essence of Sopurkh, God Being Personified, and strengthen the quality of Divine Masculine in your life.

In the course we will focus on the meaning and qualities expressed in the shabad and invite in an experience of being in the presence of the Divine Being.

This course will focus on the meditative qualities of this shabad, as well as the meaning and pronunciation.  There will be recitation practice within the day so that when you leave the course you will have a good grasp of reciting and practicing the shabad by yourself.

This course requires purchase of Prabhu Nam Kaur's Sopurkh album, with a recitation practice tool, musical version and a booklet of the words, transliteration and explanation of the shabad.  You can purchase this album here.  We will use the transliteration and translation of the shabad from this booklet, so please have it handy during the course.

This course was held in February & March 2017, with live videos recorded from our online classes.  Many students watched the videos later, instead of participating live.  You are welcome to watch these videos at your own pace, join the Facebook group and connect with the teachers via email for questions.