Build a Relationship of Divinity with the Shabad Guru

When we let go and let God, our devotion transforms our life in so many powerful ways. The Hand of God comes through and we open up to allow the Universe to serve our needs: we don’t need to worry!

How we do to get there? What makes this process easy and supports the flow of our journey?

The quick answer is: the Guru. The Guru is the energy which takes us from darkness (Gu) into light (Roo). This energy is our guide as we ‘let go’ and let God take over.

How do we access the energy of the Guru inside of us?

This shabad shows us a pathway:

​​“A disciple who walks one step towards the Guru to take his refuge,

the Guru advances to receive him by taking millions of steps. One who unites with the Lord by remembering the mantra of the Guru even once,

the True Guru remembers him millions of times. One who makes an offering of even a shell before the True Guru with loving worship and faith, the True Guru blesses him with the all treasures of wealth. The True Guru is a repository of compassion that is beyond description and understanding. Therefore bow, bow, bow, bow, because there is nothing else like the Guru.”

~ Bhai Gurdas

Listen to this shabad here

The Shabad Guru ~ a Journey of Spiritual Transformation

The journey to take that one step to the Guru is a powerful path of transformation. It is the beginning (or maybe the middle of) our spiritual journey. As we let go, and take the step, we allow in the energy of the Guru to bring us an experience of our Divine God-self. It is the journey to get there that we need to focus on and make that jump!

The Shabad Guru Course ~ an Online 7 week Journey

The Shabad Guru Course was created to assist in this journey and support our growing or deepening a connection with the Shabad (the sound current) as our Guru. It is our tool to further our journey of spiritual transformation as we connect with the Guru.

The course includes methods of understanding and deepening our practice through three steps of meditation:

  1. Jaap (recitation) to build the Tapas (spiritual heat) and strengthening the command center of the body

  2. Bhajan (singing from the heart) to open the heart and lift the spirit to Infinity

  3. Sunniai (soul listening) to deepen connection with our spirit, and build ether quality

We will cover how to build a relationship with the Shabad Guru in a practical way that allows us to be excellent in our lives and meet our destiny. This includes an understanding of the format and components in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (Shabad Guru) and where these words come from as well as how to live as Gurmukh (attunement to the Guru) vs. a Manmukh (listening to our ego to guide the way).

When your soul is ready, the Teacher appears. As you journey to your Infinite Self, the Guru, through the Shabad, guides you to experience the Infinity and Grace of your being.

Learn more about the Shabad Guru Course here

Starting Date: September 7th. Pre-registration date: September 1st. Classes are recorded to watch later so you can attend from anywhere in the world, and on any schedule.

For this year, there are two coaching sessions offered for students to participate in deepening their spiritual journey.

In Grace,

SS GuruKirin Kaur Khalsa


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