Shabad Guru Course

Part 2: Radiant Spiritual Sovereignty

3 Day Course in Espanola, NM

“The greatest meditation is coming to the Guru.

There is no meditation which can beat it. There’s no technology which can make up for it. There’s no grace which can be earned other than this." 

Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan


“The True Guru has implanted the Naam, the Name of the Lord, within me. Power, youth and wealth do not bring satisfaction.

I have found peace and tranquility and all my thirsty desires have been quenched, singing God's Glorious Praises.”

Siri Guru Granth Sahib page 1300


Monday, June 12th - Wednesday June 14th 2017

The week before Summer Solstice

at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das in Espanola, NM


Continuing the journey of understanding and deepening our practice of the Shabad Guru, with build our Radiant Spiritual Sovereignty through the steps of:

  1. Dhyaan (Meditation) to cross our thoughts through the words of the Shabad Guru  & clear our subconscious (a magnet covered in rubber doesn’t attract anything; we must be clear and focused to achieve results).  To go further we explore the concept of Pratyahaar (Synchronization with God) to create a pathway to elevate our soul and pratice deeper meditation.

  2. Simran (Vibrational Remembrance) Simran is a state of consciousness that comes after building Japa, Prayer and  practicing Raaj Yoga.  It is a constant remembrance of the divine within all.

  3. Veechaar (Contemplation) We are here as spiritual beings having a human experience.  On this journey our soul has a lesson plan that is always working to expand our consciousness.  As we become aware of these lessons we can connect further to  understand the shifts happening in our lives and see what the soul is contemplating through our human experience. 


We begin the course through an opening of Ardaas (Prayer), where each student will connect with their heart's longing, i.e. what is bringing them to the feet of the Guru.  From there, we will connect with this prayer throughout the entire course, as we deepen our practice through applying these tools and methods for our spiritual development.  


At the end of the course, we will see how a deep and abiding Bhrosa (Trust) with our Infinity allows us to experience the Guru inside.   Through this process each student will take their learning from the course & connect with the soul's true purpose and service, allowing the Guru to come through in our life.  


This course is the second part of a two part series on the Fundamentals of connection with the Shabad Guru.  It is highly recommended that you take Part 1 first before Part 2, if you are not familiar with the concepts of Jaap, Bhajan, Sunniai & Gurmukh.  Part 1 is available online here  

This is a very practical course with real life studies, so each student will bring forth a situation from their own lives that needs to be addressed, or an issue they are studying.  During the course of the class, these concepts will be applied,  giving a practical experience of the Shabad Guru in daily life by inviting the Guru in and applying the Shabad Guru to any situation. 

Shabad Guru Course ~ Part 2

3 Days: June 12th - 14th

Course Description

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“Without Gurumantra there is no meditation.

Because it has to have an altar which must not have an alternative.

But when you meditate with Gurumantra, it must have a reverence & respect.

 Bhagat and Bhagatee.  And Bhagatee is where there is a devotion,

there is a reverence, and there is a worship."   

Siri Singh Sahib

Yogi Bhajan

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Course Information

Course fee includes lunch and snacks during the course.  Breakast & Dinner can be purchased locally. Housing options are located below. Please contact us if you need help to find a place to stay.  The Ashram housing fills up quickly so please reserve your space quickly.   It is wonderful to stay near the Ashram as you can attend morning sadhana every day and walk around the gardens in the evening.  Many other courses are happening at the same time in the area so you'll be able to connect with students from all over the world who come to Espanola during the Summer Solstice time.


The course will be held at the home of the teacher, GuruKirin Kaur near the Ashram in Espanola, NM.  If you do not have a car we can arrange a ride for you to attend each day. 


LYF Rentals provides housing at the Ashram.  These are shared rooms with visitors from all over the world attending one of several courses happening in Espanola during this time. These houses are within walking distance to the Ashram where there is a morning sadhana and beautiful environments to enjoy in the evening.  We will provide a shuttle to and from the course venue, but you may want to rent a car for your own exploration and enjoyment.   The Espanola Ashram is a vibrant beautiful community.  You can learn more about it here.


There are other housing options available here as well as local hotels here.  Staying further away from the Ashram would require a car. Please contact us if you have questions about this.  


Travel & Transportation

The closest airport is 30 minutes away in Santa Fe, NM (SAF).  However this is a small airport with limited flights.  The largest airport is 90 minutes away in Albuquerque, NM (ABQ).  There are many flights available for this destination. 


To reach Espanola, you can rent a car at the airport, or take one of these shuttles:

Twin Hearts Shuttles - They depart from the Albuquerque or Santa Fe Airports and deliver you to your hotel in Espanola.  Their contact number is (575) 751-1201 or text (575) 770-1246.

RoadRunner Shuttle & Charter - They have offices at both the Santa Fe and Albuquerque Airports. Contact information is (505) 424-3367 or

If you would like to share a car rental with other participants, or have space to offer a ride to anyone, please post on our Facebook page here.


Food & Dining

Vegan and gluten free lunches and snacks will be available throughout the course.  Dinner will be a choice of local restaurants, with several local New Mexican favorites in the area.  


What to Bring

This is a meditation course with light yoga postures.  Please wear clothes that are comfortable to sit in, with a head cover and shawl or sweater in case you feel cold.  You will need a cushion, skin or yoga mat to sit comfortably on the floor for long periods of time. Water will be provided but a bottle will be useful to keep hydrated throughout the day.  If you are not able to sit on the floor, chairs are available.


After the Course

After the course, there is a large Summer Solstice Sadhana event 30 minutes away in the mountains above Espanola which is a annual gathering of over 2000 Yogis.  It is a wonderful event and we highly encourage you to attend if you have time to do so.  The event starts on Thursday, June 16th and there will be many people going up to event to rideshare with.  Find out more information about Summer Solstice Sadhana here.

You can also explore the Espanola Ashram on Thursday starting with a free langar (meal) offered by the community at 12:30 pm. 



SS GuruKirin Kaur Khalsa
Main Teacher for Course

 Sardarni Sahiba GuruKirin Kaur Khalsa is a Sikh Dharma Minister and Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  She was born into the Sikh Dharma community and practiced Sikh Dharma from a young age.  She went to school in India from age 7 through 17, where her deep love of the Shabad Guru developed.  She spent 19 years working for Sikh Dharma International under the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan).  Her deep love of Sikh Dharma, the Guru's mission and Gurbani inspire her to teach others about the Shabad and building their connection to the Guru.


GuruKirin Kaur is the course organizer.  Contact her at or 1-505-620-4471


SS Prabhu Nam Kaur Khalsa
Immersive Kirtan Experience: Day 3

Prabhu Nam Kaur Khalsa has been singing Gurbani Kirtan for more than 35 years. She aspires to sing these songs of God with devotion, so that their wisdom and beauty can shine forth, and so that listeners can find their own ability to sing and experience them as well.

The first shabad she ever learned was Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur, in 1974, and has been studying Raag and Gurbani ever since and has recorded many albums over the years. She says that her daughter, Snatam Kaur, continually inspires her, and if she has taught Snatam about music, Snatam has certainly taught Prabhu Nam much as well. The Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan taught that the basis of being a singer of Gurbani Kirtan is a willingness to serve the shabad, quite a spiritual practice in itself. She looks forward to deepening that practice.

Student Comments from the Part 1 Online Course:

"The Shabad Guru course was a life changing experience, filled with deep devotion and love. The frequency that unites this group reverberates until now and the possibility to have the next two modules were deeply appreciated as we feel that we needed and wanted to go deeper on that path. It was enchanting to notice that even though the course was entirely virtual the frequency and love was clear, deep and the sacred space was always sustained. It was really fast for us to connect with the flow of the classes and be present on the meditations." - Mahan Atma Kaur, Brazil


"This course is very precious to me. [It] gave me a very subtle internal experience that broadened my perception of the power of the Shabad and how [I] experience it. There was a real change of consciousness. Now I can better understand why [the Shabad Guru] is considered the heart of the Sikh Dharma.  Thank you dear GuruKirin for having kindly brought this knowledge to us and given us a sacred experience." - Nam Rattan Kaur, Brazil


"I have to tell you, that everything I say here as a feedback is not going to be enough to tell you how much this Course was important to me. The Course really helped me deepen, establish and stabilize a stronger connection and relation with the Guru. To learn the different methods to relate with the Shabd Guru was the discovery of a new world to me. Now I know much better which kind of Shabd or Mantra are going to be more useful to me and to my students. Knowing the different effects of playing a Shabad or Mantra in Jaap or in Bhajan, for instance, made a lot of difference to me in my personal life, but also as a Kundalini Yoga teacher. Preparing Shabad's or mantras for classes are more clear now. And GuruKirin, you are a beam of light that guides through out the whole process and makes [the] learning experience so easy. The online platform is so easy to relate to. And make's it accessible for everyone everywhere to learn! I only have to thank you and the Guru for this wonderful experience. I really look forward for the new levels." - Hari Bhagat Singh, Brazil