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Part A

Deepen Your Relationship with the Shabad Guru

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Shabad Guru Course ~ Part A

Steps of Meditation: Jaap, Bhajan & Sunneai


 July 21st - August 25th 2017

Friday evenings at 5pm Pacfic, 8pm Eastern Time

Classes last 90 minutes and will be recorded to view later

Create an opportunity to build your spirit and invite the Guru into your daily life.  Life is not meant to be hard.  It is only when we think we are doing it ourselves and then have to face challenges.  Actually God is the Doer and we need to connect with our spirit to lead the way.  Building a relationship with the Guru in every facet of life, and knowing how to treat our problems with the Shabad Guru is the first step to building this relationship of divinity.


Course Outline:

  • Understanding what is a Guru, as a spiritual concept, and what is the Shabad Guru.  Real ways to utilize them in daily life to build our connection with spirit.

  • Utilizing the Shabad Guru with Jaap (recitation) to build the Tapas (spiritual heat) and strengthening the command center of the body

  • Utilizing the Shabad Guru with Bhajan (singing from the heart) to open the heart and lift the spirit to Infinity

  • Utilizing the Shabad Guru with Sunneai (listening from the soul) to deepen connection with our spirit, and build ether quality to overcome life’s challenges

  • Understand how to live as Gurmukh (attunement to the Guru) vs. a Manmukh (listening to our ego to guide the way)


Each student will bring forth a situation or case from their lives that needs to be addressed.  During the course of the class, these methods will be applied, to give a practical experience of the Shabad Guru in daily life.  

At the end of the course,  students bring their learning to apply a unique 'prescription' their case so that they know how to treat themselves and others in the future, by inviting the Guru in and applying the Shabad Guru to any situation.


This course is the first part of a three part series on the Steps of Meditation. Level 2 & 3 are available once a student has completed Level 1. 



Taught by GuruKirin Kaur

Can't wait for the next course?  You can take the course in your own time using the videos and materials from our last live online course here.  

This means you are welcome to ask questions and email with the Teacher but will be taking the course on your own.

Student Comments about the Course:

"The Shabad Guru course was a life changing experience, filled with deep devotion and love. The frequency that unites this group reverberates until now and the possibility to have the next two modules were deeply appreciated as we feel that we needed and wanted to go deeper on that path. It was enchanting to notice that even though the course was entirely virtual the frequency and love was clear, deep and the sacred space was always sustained. It was really fast for us to connect with the flow of the classes and be present on the meditations." - Mahan Atma Kaur, Brazil


"This course is very precious to me. [It] gave me a very subtle internal experience that broadened my perception of the power of the Shabad and how [I] experience it. There was a real change of consciousness. Now I can better understand why [the Shabad Guru] is considered the heart of the Sikh Dharma.  Thank you dear GuruKirin for having kindly brought this knowledge to us and given us a sacred experience." - Nam Rattan Kaur, Brazil


"I have to tell you, that everything I say here as a feedback is not going to be enough to tell you how much this Course was important to me. The Course really helped me deepen, establish and stabilize a stronger connection and relation with the Guru. To learn the different methods to relate with the Shabd Guru was the discovery of a new world to me. Now I know much better which kind of Shabd or Mantra are going to be more useful to me and to my students. Knowing the different effects of playing a Shabad or Mantra in Jaap or in Bhajan, for instance, made a lot of difference to me in my personal life, but also as a Kundalini Yoga teacher. Preparing Shabad's or mantras for classes are more clear now. And GuruKirin, you are a beam of light that guides through out the whole process and makes [the] learning experience so easy. The online platform is so easy to relate to. And make's it accessible for everyone everywhere to learn! I only have to thank you and the Guru for this wonderful experience. I really look forward for the new levels." - Hari Bhagat Singh, Brazil


Two Part Series:

This course is part of a two part series on building a fundamental connection with the Shabad Guru.  Part 2 is offered directly after this course,  online as well as through a live 3-day course in Espanola, NM in June 2017.  


Part Two includes: Veechaar (Contemplation), Simran (Remembrance) and Dhyaan (Meditation)




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