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Kirtan Sohila - Shabad 5: (Awaken to God)

Awaken to the True Reality of Divinity behind the Worldly Illusion.

Kirtan Sohila - Shabad 4: (Clears Karma)

This shabad cuts through negativity and clears karma to open the path for Divine Connection amidst difficult situations.

Kirtan Sohila - Shabad 3: Aarti (Beauty of Nature)

This shabad is a description of the worship of God created by Nature. Guru Nanak wrote this in Odissa after seeing the beauty of Nature in service to and connection with the Divine. 

Kirtan Sohila - Shabad 2: Chhia Ghar (See True Teacher)

This shabad connects us with the True Teacher behind all forms of teachings so that we recognize the Divine Presence in all forms of teaching.

Kirtan Sohila - Shabad 1: Jai Ghar Keerat Aakheeai (Call of God)

This shabad calls us to our Divine Union with God - to connect with the longing and call of God within.

Man Mandir (Divine Temple Within)

This shabads brings us to create a Divine vibration within our mind and body to create an internal temple of Divinity within ourselves.

Too Sultan (Divine Will & Humility)

This shabad connects us with the Divine Will and the Infinite Power of God beyond all comprehension. It gives us the humility to see the Divine working in and around us.

Kaun Tarajee (Focus on Infinite above any valuation)

This shabad builds value for the valueless - the connection with and presence of the Divine in every part of our being. It connects us to focus on the Infinite which is beyond any measure and value.

Iaanareeay (Song of Victory)

This shabad is called a Song of Victory, and connects us with our Infinite self within instead of searching for greatness outside. It connects our soul to God as a soul-bride connects with her Husband Lord.

Jin Kay Cholay (Shifting vibration from Maya (outside) to Divine (inside)

This shabad imbuses the vibration and love of the Divine into the fabric of the body, creating deep enrichment, love and connection in every cell of our being.

Jeeo Darat Hai (Intimacy & Vulnerability)

This shabad builds intimacy between the soul and God, building the bonds of connection and helping when we feel vulnerable and afraid. It heals insecurity and supports strong spiritual strength.  It is part of the Shabad Hazaaray Bani and was written by Guru Nanak.

Mera Man Loche (Longing for Merger with the Divine)

This shabad is a compilation of four letters written by Guru Arjan to his father, Guru Ram Das. It describes a deep state of longing, devotion and love. The last section brings the union, the ecstacy of longing to completion. This shabad is called the Shabad Hazaaray - the prayer worth a thousand prayers. It is also known to heal the wounds of love. 

Satigur Naanak Pargatiaa (Allow Light to Overcome Darkness)

This shabad is in honor of the 550th Birthday anniversary of Guru Nanak in 2019. It was written by Bhai Gurdas, a relative of Guru Arjan. He wrote the contemporaneous history and reflections of the time of the Gurus. Guru Arjan said that his Vaars - or writings - are the key to understanding the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. This vaar (Shabad) describes the coming of Guru Nanak to the world. 

Agia Bhaee Akaal Kee (Connecting with the Shabad as Our Guru)

At the time of Guru Gobind Singh's passing, he named the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (Shabad Guru) as the next Guru. This was a momentous occasion in human history and allows everyone to access the connection with the Guru through these divine words. In this shabad, we feel the power of the Guru's words as we are guided to look to the Shabad to find our connection to the Guru.

Anand Sahib (Cosmic Divine Bliss)

Anand Sahib is a beautiful bani written by the 3rd Guru, Guru Amar Das. Anand means 'Joy, Bliss or Delight'. This bani brings us into the state of Anand to connect with Cosmic Divinity. We will go through the first 5 pauris commonly heard in Gurdwara (Sikh service) ceremonies. The Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan explained that this bani relates to the Fire tattva (element). He said that "in this Bani, mind and body are explained in relation to cosmic divinity. Guru Amar Das gave us this Song of Bliss to qualify the mind and to understand the depth."  

Thakur Tum Peh Ardaas (Prayer for God to Provide as the Master)

This shabad bring blessings from the Divine to live in harmony with the Creator as the Provider and Master. It is a prayer of recognition to see God as the Father, Mother, Lord and Master, to whom belong all body, soul and property. It connects us to the unlimited nature of God and is a great shabad to use when you have a prayer, or Ardaas that you need to have happen.  

Gurdev Mata, Gurdev Pita (Connecting with the Divine Guru as the Mother & Father)

This shabad connects our identity with the Gurdev (Divine, Angelic Guru or Teacher) as our Mother (Mata) and Father (Pitaa).  It goes through many qualities in which we can identify this energy of Gurdev as the grace and savior of our life.  It brings a sense of deep devotion, connection and love of God, as our very base and intimate family home-space. 

It clears the karma of ancestral family scripts and lifts us to live from our Divine Grace of being an embodiment of the Divine Guru in our lives. 

Bhand Jameeai (Power of Woman)

This shabad brings honor and dignity to the feminine aspect in any situation and heals past disgraces or times when woman's honor was not upheld. It is an affirmation of the creative power of the feminine.  It causes indignities of life to fall away and empowers your words with grace.

Ray Man Aiso Kar Saniaassa (Connect to God and Live as a Renunciate in the World)

This shabad is similar to Ray Man Eh Bidh Jog Kamaao. Jog means union and Saniaasaa means renunciate. When we need to release or stay away from aspects in the world that challenge our spiritual growth or want to renounce parts of life, this shabad helps us understand how to bring this energy into balance with God, so we can live in life, yet beyond the human dynamic. It connects us with the essence of God to experience the Darshan (vision) of the Param Purakh (Supreme Being) of God.

Jaa Too Mayrai Val Hai (Builds Self-Esteem and Fulfills Destiny in God's Grace)

This shabad builds trust and faith in the Divine to hold us in connection with God's Grace. It fulfills our prayers, bringing prosperity and builds self-esteem so that we can act on our destiny and go forward into life with this trust and connection that God comes through in every instance of life. It is perfect for prosperity and fulfilling desires we may have.

Chit Aavai Os Parabraham (Connection with God in the Midst of Difficulty)

This shabad gives you an experience of love of God to connect with Infinity at the very moment it is needed, and to avoid calamity. It gives a connection to stay with God in your memory whenever this connection is needed.

Comments from Siri Singh Sahib on this shabad: "You want to know what love of God is? When you have a terrible, miserable, wonderfully awful bad day, absolutely crazy, painful, insulting, it is all gone, done, you do not know what to do and you can sit and smile and say thank you. That is living because you never disconnect from Infinity"

Rakhay Rakhanhaar (Protection & Clearing Obstacles to Fulfill Destiny)

These are the words of Guru Arjan, the 5th Sikh Guru, and are for complete protection. It is from the evening prayer (Rehiras), which adds energy to one’s being, and helps when you are physically weak or have limited wealth. It is a victory song which allows us to be guided by God’s graceful and merciful hand. It does away with the obstacles to fulfilling one’s destiny. Chanting this mantra helps against fluctuations of the mind. Note: This mantra is included in the Aquarian Sadhana and is done as a part of the daily practice in the morning meditations for Kundalini Yoga practitioners.

Aap Sahaaee Hoaa (Builds Faith & Protection to Face Uncertainty without Fear)

This shabad builds deep trust and faith to give us protection and mental balance so we can face times of uncertainty without fear. The Siri Singh Sahib said that this shabad "...will totally eliminate enemies and block the impact of animosity forever, it can give you mental self-control..." He went on to explain that it also benefits our prosperity and that it can relieve unbearable financial pressure if chanted for 62 minutes, with the best time between 3-4 am. 

Prabh Ju (Call on God & Restores Honor and Dignity)

This shabad was written by Guru Gobind Singh and invokes the miracle of the Divine to come to our aid when we need it and restores honor and dignity to a situation. 

Mitar Piaaray Noo (Calling on God for Help)

This shabad helps in desperate situations, to call on God to solve impossible situations. Guru Gobind Singh sang this shabad during the time when he had to leave Anandpur Sahib and after his sons and many Sikhs had died in battle. He focused his attention on building a connection with the Divine and brought in the power of this relationship to face the difficulties of the time. We can call on God whenever we need to, through this same shabad.

Ray Man Eh Bidh Jog Kamaao (Golden Aura & Health)

The Siri Singh Sahib explains: "This shabad has the capacity, if man is bewitched by incurable disease, if sung properly through the tongue and mouth, can bring total health…Perfection of this shabad can make you like a Golden Buddha. You will have wisdom, you will have purity of a yogi, and you will have an essence. I request everyone who believes in higher values to remember this shabad in perfect sound. It is very perfect combination. As a shabad you can sing 11 times a day, you will feel the miraculous effect of it on your body, mind, and soul."

Ham Eih Kaaj Jagat Mo Aa-ay (Life Purpose)

In this shabad, Guru Gobind Singh describes his purpose for coming in this world.  He explains his direction from God, to spread Dharma.  This shabad is part of an autobiography written by Guru Gobind Singh in his own words.  It focuses us on our path and direction from God to deliver our destiny in this incarnation.  

Chatr Chakr Vartee (Fearlessness & Courage)

These are the last four lines of Guru Gobind Singh’s Jaap Sahib. This mantra removes fear, anxiety, depression and phobias and brings victory. It instills courage and fearlessness into the fiber of the person. It gives self-command and self-grace.

"Chattr Chakkr Vartee is the mantra for the heart center, it gives direct energy to it. When you are sinking, if you know this mantra and can sing it, you can totally recuperate yourself.” 

Yogi Bhajan was once asked by a psychologist, “Is there any meditation for doubts and insecurities?” The answer was “Yes, Chattra Chakkra Vartee.”

Jai Te Gang (Prosperity & Royalty)

Jai Te Gang is a powerful shabad, which brings in the Adi Shakti ~ primal female energy embodied in the sword to cut through negativity and clear the path for prosperity.

"Let me tell you, this shabad is the total property of Guru Gobind Singh, given to us as a gift. And if you find a person very feeble, who has no grit, no courage, no self esteem... and you do the job of this shabad, the person will become totally tempered and can cut through any negativity.

This is a Mangala Charan of Bhagwati, the Goddess of Power...

It can temper a person in a courage, a grit and a self-esteem that nothing on the planet... howsoever negative forces may be at work around or for... shall affect...

If you understand this shabad, and get into the rotation faculty of this sound, it works like a sudarshan chakra. It cuts around karma like something invincible cuts and slaughters the enemy. As the lawn mower mows the lawn. That's what this shabad is."  Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan

Pritham Bhagoutee (Intro to Ardaas)

Pritham Bhagoutee is an invocation prayer, to access the protection and support of the 'Pritham' (first or primal) Bhagauti (feminine power) then, the protection of the Gurus.  This shabad was written by Guru Gobind Singh and is wonderful to give a sense of safety, support and blessings.  It is the initial part of the 'Ardaas' (prayer) of the Sikhs which is said in each service and before starting a project or event. 

Mayray Har Jeeo (Connection & Prosperity)

This shabad connects with the Divine to recognize the presence and power of the Creator (Har) within everything.  It allows us to release our ego and stress about 'doing' and focus on the connection with 'being' in the Divine.  This release of worry and connection with the Divine source builds our contentment and allows abundance and prosperity.

Taap Santaap Sagalay Ga-ay (Health)

This shabad focuses on bringing the energy of health and well-being to our mind and bodies.  It is good for both physical and mental disturbances.  We can benefit even if we are feeling good by deepening our connection to the Divinity within.  It brings a lasting peace and sense of wellness to release all painful situations and energies and feel God within. 

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