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Sopurkh Shabad
5 parts: 

This bani creates a sacred space in which grace prevails so as to allow the greatness of the sould to come forth. It was written by Guru Ram Das, the 4th Sikh Guru.  The shabad carries a state of grace and love that heals all realms of the heart and being. The Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan, taught that if a woman recites this bani eleven times a day for any man, it has the power to make him a saint and dissolve any negativity between them. He would often give this as a sadhana to women for the men in their lives. So Purkh is a part of Rehiraas, the evening prayer of the sikhs.

"Woman is the molder of time, the molder of space and of man: the man of tomorrow, the child; the man of today, the husband, and the men of yesterday, the ancestors. The entire society in theory and in reality is based on the spirit of the woman."

Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan



Prabhu Nam Kaur has been teaching the So Purkh and practicing it herself for many years.  She has a beautiful quality to journey deeply in the shabad to experience your own masculine grace, whether female, or male, and hold that energy in your life.


GuruKirin Kaur brings her love of the Guru and shares stories to understand why the Shabad is so powerful and pentrating and how we can embrace the energy fully in our lives.

Taught by GuruKirin Kaur

Taught by GuruKirin Kaur

Student Comments about the Course:

"The Shabad Guru course was a life changing experience, filled with deep devotion and love. The frequency that unites this group reverberates until now and the possibility to have the next two modules were deeply appreciated as we feel that we needed and wanted to go deeper on that path. It was enchanting to notice that even though the course was entirely virtual the frequency and love was clear, deep and the sacred space was always sustained. It was really fast for us to connect with the flow of the classes and be present on the meditations." - Mahan Atma Kaur, Brazil


"This course is very precious to me. [It] gave me a very subtle internal experience that broadened my perception of the power of the Shabad and how [I] experience it. There was a real change of consciousness. Now I can better understand why [the Shabad Guru] is considered the heart of the Sikh Dharma.  Thank you dear GuruKirin for having kindly brought this knowledge to us and given us a sacred experience." - Nam Rattan Kaur, Brazil


"I have to tell you, that everything I say here as a feedback is not going to be enough to tell you how much this Course was important to me. The Course really helped me deepen, establish and stabilize a stronger connection and relation with the Guru. To learn the different methods to relate with the Shabd Guru was the discovery of a new world to me. Now I know much better which kind of Shabd or Mantra are going to be more useful to me and to my students. Knowing the different effects of playing a Shabad or Mantra in Jaap or in Bhajan, for instance, made a lot of difference to me in my personal life, but also as a Kundalini Yoga teacher. Preparing Shabad's or mantras for classes are more clear now. And GuruKirin, you are a beam of light that guides through out the whole process and makes [the] learning experience so easy. The online platform is so easy to relate to. And make's it accessible for everyone everywhere to learn! I only have to thank you and the Guru for this wonderful experience. I really look forward for the new levels." - Hari Bhagat Singh, Brazil


Three Part Series:

Three Part Series:

This course is part of a three part series on the 7 Steps of Meditation with the Shabad Guru.  Parts 2 & 3 are in development and will be released when ready.


Part Two includes: Vichar (Contemplation), Simran (Remembrance) and Dhyan (Meditation)


Part Three includes the last step: Gyan (Divine Knowledge)




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