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"The True Guru has implanted the Mantra of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, within me. Power, youth and wealth do not bring satisfaction...

I have found peace and tranquility, and all my thirsty desires have been quenched, singing God's Glorious Praises." Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page 1300

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Monthly Shabad Class:

Learn a new shabad each month focused on Health, Prosperity, Connection & many more




Part 2: Jan 7 - Mar 25


Part 1: Jan-Mar

Each Month

On the 2nd Sunday evening each month at 5pm Pacific


Available for

Part 1 & Part 2


Yatra to India: November 16 - 27, 2017

Radiance of the Shabad Guru: 

An Immersion Course in Anandpur Sahib, India

Build your Radiant Spiritual Sovereignty in the Home of the Khalsa and Guru Gobind Singh.  Lead by Siri Sikdar Sahiba Sardarni GuruAmrit Kaur Khalsa, with SS GuruKirin Kaur Khalsa.

This Immersion covers the Shabad Guru on the Spiritual Path, Part 2 Course.  From November 16 - 27, 2017

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Prosperity through the Guru:

Deepen your connection with the Infinite source of Abundance ~ God!  With the technology of the Shabad Guru, we will go into a month journey for a year to grow our prosperity & abundance.

(details coming soon!)


Online & Live Courses


Shabad Guru Courses online are offered through a weekly class using a webinar software. You are welcome to join from anywhere in the world.  These classes are recorded for further review, or to watch for the first time if you can't make the live class, and are available to access anytime.  Generally these courses are offered over a 12-14 week time period.  This brings a deep, thoughtful approach to learning the concepts and practicing the skills and meditations.  There is an online link to record reflections and access materials anytime.  Class materials and videos are available after the course is over to reflect and review your learning.  

The course is offered live at set times in the year.  If you are interested in taking this course in your own time, self-paced options are available, using the recordings from the last live session.



To learn in a live, immersive experience, Shabad Guru Courses are also offered through live events.  These take an entire 6 or 12 week course and create an intensive experience over one week.  The event is usually held in Anandpur Sahib, India in November through a Yatra with Sikh Dharma International.  These events are powerful experiences that bring about deep change, and lasting experiences of the Guru.  



Students of all levels, experience and interest are welcome to attend.  The courses offers ways to deeply connect with the energy of the Guru (that which takes you from darkness into light) using the power of the Shabad (Sacred Words) and Naad (Infinite Sound Current).  We learn how to utilize this energy to enhance every aspect of our lives and live through our spirit in our Divine Strength and Radiant Grace.    Students are welcome from all walks of life, all parts of the globe and all levels of interest.


Spirituality of the Shabad Guru

Foundational Course

Part 1: Building a Connection with the Guru 

Part 2: Radiant Spiritual Sovereignty


"The Shabad Guru course was a real life changing for me. I'm happy some others can also experience that. I learned to relate myself  truly with the Guru and find Him within me. And so I was also able to truly surrender my head and put the will of God as the guide of my life. It was liberating to learn to live this way. Thanks so much! I can't wait for more."   - Guru Raj Singh




5 Shabads in Praise of the Miracle of Guru Ram Das

including Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur

Experience the blessings and miracles of Guru Ram Das through journeying deeply into the 5 shabads known as the Swaiyas of Guru Ram Das.  We will share stories and focus on the meaning, pronunciation and chanting of these beautiful  shabads, in honor of Guru Ram Das ji’s birthday on October 9th.

The Siri Singh Sahib said that any prayer made on Guru Ram Das ji’s birthday would be granted.  Bless yourself and connect to this miracle of Guru Ram Das.

This course covers all five shabads in a 6 week series.  It leads to and deepens the experience of celebrating Guru Ram Das' birthday on October 9th with the worldwide sadhana celebration of 2.5 hours of Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur.

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Poem written by a student after this course: "Deep love,  Flower of dignity, Seed of life, Wahe guru!  

Sound of creation, Strong tenderness, Eternal poetry, Beyond and beyond, Beautiful,  sacred, Inspired, creative
I bow I bow I bow to thee.  
Your grace Shining, Through my smiling face, Belonging to the naam, Always in praise.

With gratitude and Love, Mahan Atma Kaur, Brasil"

The Shabad Guru Course is a foundational course to understand how to relate to the Shabad Guru as a spiritual pathway and to deepen your experience and understanding of how to work with the Shabad Guru using different methods. It is beneficial for both beginners and advanced students as each will gain a deeper connection to the Guru through their practice.


In Part 1, we focus on creating a self-initiation of connection with the Guru, and learn the meaning and application of three methods to utilize the Shabad Guru:  Jaap (Chanting/Recitation), Bhajan (Singing) and Sunniai (Listening). We also explore the history and formation of the Shabad Guru and how it came to it's current form. The course ends with an experience of the Gurmukh ~ one who is attuned to the Guru.  It leaves a lasting and deep experience of connecting with the Divine with yourself that supports all other spiritual practice.  

In Part 2, we focus on creating the vibration of the Shabad Guru at a higher level within our own being, as a temple of the Divine.  This focuses on experiencing the depth of Ardaas (Prayer), Dhyaan (Meditation),  Pratyahaar (Synchronization with God), Simran (Vibrational Remembrance) and Veechaar (Contemplation).  This leads to a lasting Spiritual Endurance or Trust in the Divine, Bhrosa, which deepens your spiritual experience through a Radiance of Spiritual Sovereignty.  

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Shabad Guru Course, Part 1

Shabad Guru Course, Part 2


Sopurkh Shabad

by Guru Ram Das

This shabad focuses on building the vastness and stability of creation through focusing on the Purkha: the Masculine Quality of God.  It builds the energy of Divine Masculine.

For Women, this shabad provides an opportunity to build this energy in yourself, and/or to focus on holding the energy for a partner or any man in your life.  It is commonly used to attract a partner, or heal marital problems, or done for a son.


For Men, it is an opportunity to build this quality in yourself, to become a Man of God.


This shabad allows many ways, through yourself, or for another, to build the stability and essence of Sopurkh, God Being Personified, and strengthen the quality of Divine Masculine in your life.

In the course we will focus on the meaning and qualities expressed in the shabad and invite in an experience of being in the presence of the Divine Being.

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"One who masters this shabad can command God to appear before them as you would call

someone to appear in your presence"  ~ Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan

Life-cycles Shabad

by Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak explained the cycles of life through his 'Pehilai Pehirai' shabad.  It goes through four watches of life and the cycles we go through in each of them.  


The Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan explained further: ​"Every 18 years, the physical body goes through a process of maturity and change. We call this the Cycle of Life Energy. Every 11 years, the way you apply what you know to solving problems changes. The horizon of the intelligence expands. We call this the Cycle of Intelligence. And every 7 years, the fundamental sense of your identity evolves. It deepens, building on the wisdom of past experiences. We call this the Cycle of Consciousness."

In the course we go through the meaning of the shabad, covering each of these four watches of our lives, using the words of Guru Nanak and the messages Siri Singh Sahib gave to help understand the Guru's messages.

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This is an ongoing membership community focused on building our learning of the Shabad Guru

through expanding our repertoire of different shabads, understanding their meanings, the benefits they bring and how to pronounce the Gurmukhi words for the best effects.

Every month, there is a class online, with the focus on one particular 'Shabad of the Month.'   In the class, we will go through the words, their meanings, the effects of the shabad and practice our pronunciation to help us recite the shabad later.


Each class is recorded, with all past month class materials available for members to review and enjoy this growing library of shabad resources. 


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The Shabad Guru talks about certain 'states of being' which come from meditation on the Naam, or Shabad.  These include:

  • Bhram Gyani - One who has knowledge of God, i.e. One who is One with God

  • Jiwan Mukta - One who is liberated while alive, i.e. One who has faced death and crossed this boundary in living 

  • Sant Siphai - Soldier Saint, One who lives in the saintliness of connection with God while facing the karmas of life as a spiritual warrior

These are advanced courses which are recommended to be taken after finishing the fundamental course Part 1 & 2 listed above. 

More details on these courses coming soon.  Please join our mailing list to learn more when details are released.



SS GuruKirin Kaur Khalsa

Sardarni Sahiba GuruKirin Kaur Khalsa is a Sikh Dharma Minister and Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  She was born into the Sikh Dharma community and practiced Sikh Dharma from a young age.  She went to school in India from age 7 through 17, where her deep love of the Shabad Guru developed.  She spent 19 years working for Sikh Dharma International under the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) and became a Sikh Dharma Minister and Kundalini Yoga teacher.  Her deep love of Sikh Dharma, the Guru's mission and Gurbani inspire her to teach others about the Shabad and building their connection to the Guru.

SS Prabhu Nam Kaur Khalsa

Prabhu Nam Kaur Khalsa has been singing Gurbani Kirtan for more than 35 years. She aspires to sing these songs of God with devotion, so that their wisdom and beauty can shine forth, and so that listeners can find their own ability to sing and experience them as well.

The first shabad she ever learned was Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur, in 1974, and has been studying Raag and Gurbani ever since and has recorded many albums over the years. She says that her daughter, Snatam Kaur, continually inspires her, and if she has taught Snatam about music, Snatam has certainly taught Prabhu Nam much as well. The Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan taught that the basis of being a singer of Gurbani Kirtan is a willingness to serve the shabad, quite a spiritual practice in itself. She looks forward to deepening that practice.


We have the quantum technology of the inner science

in the Shabd Guru to answer the call of the Age.


We need stamina under stress,

clarity of values for decisions, a new base for identity,

and the ability to command our brain,

mind and states of consciousness

consciously through the filter of intuition,

wisdom and the positive, negative and neutral minds.


This is where the Shabad Guru becomes essential to the future.


~ Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan