Shabad Guru Course

 Part A ~ Build your Connection with the Guru

Part B ~ Radiant Spiritual Sovereignty

Live Course in Espanola, NM 

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5 Day Intensive from June 9th - 14th 2017

The week before 3HO Summer Solstice Sadhana

in Espanola, New Mexico

Class Hours are 9 am - 4pm with lunch provided

“Without Gurumantra there is no meditation.

Because it has to have an altar which must not have an alternative.

But when you meditate with Gurumantra, it must have a reverence & respect.

 Bhagat and Bhagatee.  And Bhagatee is where there is a devotion,

there is a reverence, and there is a worship."   

~ Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan

Shabad Guru Course Part A ~ Curriculum

Create an opportunity to build your spirit and invite the Guru into your daily life.  Life is not meant to be hard.  It is only when we think we are doing it ourselves and then have to face challenges.  Actually God is the Doer and we need to connect with our spirit to lead the way.  Building a relationship with the Guru in every facet of life, and knowing how to treat our problems with the Shabad Guru is the first step to building this relationship of divinity.


Course Outline:

  • Understanding what is a Guru, as a spiritual concept, and what is the Shabad Guru.  Real ways to utilize them in daily life to build our connection with spirit.

  • Utilizing the Shabad Guru with Jaap (recitation) to build the Tapas (spiritual heat) and strengthening the command center of the body

  • Utilizing the Shabad Guru with Bhajan (singing from the heart) to open the heart and lift the spirit to Infinity

  • Utilizing the Shabad Guru with Sunneai (listening from the soul) to deepen connection with our spirit, and build ether quality to overcome life’s challenges

  • Understand how to live as Gurmukh (attunement to the Guru) vs. a Manmukh (listening to our ego to guide the way)


Each student will bring forth a situation or case from their lives that needs to be addressed.  During the course of the class, these methods will be applied, to give a practical experience of the Shabad Guru in daily life.  

At the end of the course,  students bring their learning to apply a unique 'prescription' their case so that they know how to treat themselves and others in the future, by inviting the Guru in and applying the Shabad Guru to any situation.  

The course finishes with an immersive experience into the journey of the 'Greatest Meditation,' which is going to the Guru in a reverential mindset.  We will focus on this and complete the meditation on Sunday, June 11th with the Espanola Sangat Gurdwara and Langar from 11 am to 2pm.  

After a closing check-in, the course will break for the afternoon on Sunday and resume Monday morning, June 12th with Part B.



Join for the entire intensive or for just one part:

Part A: Friday June 9th, Saturday, June 10th 

Sunday, June 11th ~ Gurdwara in morning

then Break on Sunday afternoon 

Part B: Monday June 12th, Tuesday, June 13th 

Wednesday, June 14th ~ Shabad Guru Experience

Finished Wednesday afternoon at 4pm

Shabad Guru Course Part B ~ Curriculum

Continuing the journey of understanding and deepening our practice of the Shabad Guru, with build our Radiant Spiritual Sovereignty through the steps of:

  1. Dhyaan (Meditation) to cross our thoughts through the words of the Shabad Guru  & clear our subconscious (a magnet covered in rubber doesn’t attract anything; we must be clear and focused to achieve results).  To go further we explore the concept of Pratyahaar (Synchronization with God) to create a pathway to elevate our soul and pratice deeper meditation.

  2. Simran (Vibrational Remembrance) Simran is a state of consciousness that comes after building Japa, Prayer and  practicing Raaj Yoga.  It is a constant remembrance of the divine within all.

  3. Veechaar (Contemplation) We are here as spiritual beings having a human experience.  On this journey our soul has a lesson plan that is always working to expand our consciousness.  As we become aware of these lessons we can connect further to  understand the shifts happening in our lives and see what the soul is contemplating through our human experience. 


We begin the course through an opening of Ardaas (Prayer), where each student will connect with their heart's longing, i.e. what is bringing them to the feet of the Guru.  From there, we will connect with this prayer throughout the entire course, as we deepen our practice through applying these tools and methods for our spiritual development.  


At the end of the course, we will see how a deep and abiding Bhrosa (Trust) with our Infinity allows us to experience the Guru inside.   Through this process each student will take their learning from the course & connect with the soul's true purpose and service, allowing the Guru to come through in our life.  


This course is the second part of a two part series on the Fundamentals of connection with the Shabad Guru.  It is highly recommended that you take Part A first before Part B, if you are not familiar with the concepts of Jaap, Bhajan, Sunniai & Gurmukh.   

This is a very practical course with real life studies, so each student will bring forth a situation from their own lives that needs to be addressed, or an issue they are studying.  During the course of the class, these concepts will be applied,  giving a practical experience of the Shabad Guru in daily life by inviting the Guru in and applying the Shabad Guru to any situation. 

Taught by SS GuruKirin Kaur Khalsa

With Kirtan Experience by Prabhu Nam Kaur on Wed, June 14th

Student Comments about this Course:

Poem written by a student after this course:

Deep love
Flower of dignity
Seed of life
Wahe guru

Sound of creation
Strong tenderness
Eternal poetry
Beyond and beyond

Beautiful,  sacred
Inspired, creative
I bow I bow I bow to thee

Your grace Shining
Through my smiling face
Belonging to the naam
Always in praise

With gratitude and Love,
Mahan Atma Kaur, Brasil