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Jai Te Gang (Prosperity & Royalty)

Jai Te Gang is a powerful shabad, which brings in the Adi Shakti ~ primal female energy embodied in the sword to cut through negativity and clear the path for prosperity.

"Let me tell you, this shabad is the total property of Guru Gobind Singh, given to us as a gift. And if you find a person very feeble, who has no grit, no courage, no self esteem... and you do the job of this shabad, the person will become totally tempered and can cut through any negativity.

This is a Mangala Charan of Bhagwati, the Goddess of Power...

It can temper a person in a courage, a grit and a self-esteem that nothing on the planet... howsoever negative forces may be at work around or for... shall affect...

If you understand this shabad, and get into the rotation faculty of this sound, it works like a sudarshan chakra. It cuts around karma like something invincible cuts and slaughters the enemy. As the lawn mower mows the lawn. That's what this shabad is."  Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan

Pritham Bhagoutee (Intro to Ardaas)

Pritham Bhagoutee is an invocation prayer, to access the protection and support of the 'Pritham' (first or primal) Bhagauti (feminine power) then, the protection of the Gurus.  This shabad was written by Guru Gobind Singh and is wonderful to give a sense of safety, support and blessings.  It is the initial part of the 'Ardaas' (prayer) of the Sikhs which is said in each service and before starting a project or event. 

Mayray Har Jeeo (Connection & Prosperity)

This shabad connects with the Divine to recognize the presence and power of the Creator (Har) within everything.  It allows us to release our ego and stress about 'doing' and focus on the connection with 'being' in the Divine.  This release of worry and connection with the Divine source builds our contentment and allows abundance and prosperity.

Taap Santaap Sagalay Ga-ay (Health)

This shabad focuses on bringing the energy of health and well-being to our mind and bodies.  It is good for both physical and mental disturbances.  We can benefit even if we are feeling good by deepening our connection to the Divinity within.  It brings a lasting peace and sense of wellness to release all painful situations and energies and feel God within. 

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