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Join an online community to deepen your learning in the Shabad Guru through an online 'Shabad of the Month' class and supportive community

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Build your learning of the Shabad Guru

through expanding your repertoire of different shabads, understanding their meanings, the benefits they bring and how to pronounce the Gurmukhi words for the best effects.

Every month, there is a 90 minute class online, with the focus on one particular 'Shabad of the Month.'   In the class, we will go through the words, their meanings, the effects of the shabad and practice our pronunciation to help us recite the shabad later.

  • Class materials include a shabad sheet, and audio recitation file for supporting your practice

  • All classes are taught online and are recorded for viewing later as many times as you need, in both Portuguese and English

  • Members have access to all shabad class materials and videos from all months in the past. You are welcome to see the list of shabads available here

  • One of the shabad classes, Taap Santaap, is available to preview for free.  You can access it here. When prompted, enter 'Sat Nam' to access the page. 

  • Shabad topics range from Health, to Prosperity, Connection with the Guru, with the Divine and many more

  • Live Class times are the 3rd Sunday of each month at 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern, with times and dates subject to change.

  • Members are welcome to join a Facebook group for members to share their experiences and request shabads to be included in a future class.

This is a wonderful unique opportunity to grow your knowledge and experience with the Shabad Guru!

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"We have the quantum technology of the inner science in the Shabad Guru to answer the call of the Age.

We need stamina under stress,

clarity of values for decisions, a new base for identity,

and the ability to command our brain,

mind and states of consciousness

consciously through the filter of intuition,

wisdom and the positive, negative and neutral minds.

This is where the Shabad Guru becomes essential to the future."

~ Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan

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 Welcome to the Shabad Guru Learning Community!

About the Teacher: SS GuruKirin Kaur Khalsa

Sardarni Sahiba GuruKirin Kaur Khalsa is a Sikh Dharma Minister, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and certified coach.  She was born into the Sikh Dharma community and practiced Sikh Dharma from a young age.  She went to school in India from age 7 through 17, where her deep love of the Shabad Guru developed.  She spent 19 years working for Sikh Dharma International under the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) and became a Sikh Dharma Minister and Kundalini Yoga teacher.  Her deep love of Sikh Dharma, the Guru's mission and Gurbani inspire her to teach others about the Shabad and building their connection to the Guru.