Shabad Guru Coaching

For students in the Shabad Guru Courses programs,  coaching assistance is available to help you in your journey of connecting with the Guru.

​These sessions are an opportunity to connect further within yourself while going to the Guru.

The sessions are private and last 30 minutes. 

The focus is to bring you into a deeper connection with the Guru so that you can bring all of the issues you are facing to the Guru for resolution. 

Suggested schedule options: Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly

"Dukh Par Har

Sukh Ghar Lai Jai"


Bring all of your pains to the Guru and bring back Peace to your Heart Home

~ Guru Nanak,

Japji Sahib

About the Coach: SS GuruKirin Kaur Khalsa

Sardarni Sahiba GuruKirin Kaur Khalsa is a Sikh Dharma Minister, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and certified coach.  She was born into the Sikh Dharma community and practiced Sikh Dharma from a young age.  She went to school in India from age 7 through 17, where her deep love of the Shabad Guru developed.  She spent 19 years working for Sikh Dharma International under the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) and became a Sikh Dharma Minister and Kundalini Yoga teacher.  Her deep love of Sikh Dharma, the Guru's mission and Gurbani inspire her to teach others about the Shabad and building their connection to the Guru.

Getting Started

1.  To begin the process of coaching, start by signing up for Shabad Guru Course, Level 1. 

Once you are in the program, you will go through a process of connecting to the Guru.

This coaching supports your journey so it is important that you are building a connection with the Guru through the courses before starting the coaching process.

2.  Once you are a current or former student, you are ready to begin coaching.

Click here to view a calendar schedule

The times available are on Thursdays & Saturdays. 

If none of these times work, please email GuruKirin Kaur to ask for another schedule option

The sessions are 30 minutes and cost $27 per session. 

When you book the time, you will be prompted to enter a credit card for payment. 

                            Note, if you live in another country where this cost is too high, please email here

4. If you schedule a time outside of this calendar, you can use this link for payment via Paypal 

May the Guru guide your path to live in divinity,

SS GuruKirin Kaur Khalsa